Aside from the knowledge of a project’s budget, it also matters significantly to be guided with the material’s choice or to determine the structural needs to efficiently plan the entire project. The steel structure represents for a building, the main structure supporting several other products and the usage of a space. This planification is paramount and essential to bring together most of the other trades and suppliers of a project. And it is of even higher importance for complex projects, when work is taking place in an existing building, or when the regular operations of the owner/tenant can not be stopped. Establishing a game plan is crucial to better estimate the risks and challenges, and to suggest the most appropriate way to build and doing so, to avoid bad surprises and unwanted additional costs.


Why consistently choose the same product, as there are many approaches to construct a building. According to your needs, constraints and costs estimation, the steel structure can be combined to different products to create an integrated hybrid solution. Do not hesitate to contact Sofab for more information.